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JSS is a system that has already paid out well over $4 million to its members.

Get paid a solid 2% every day just like a bank!
You can compound your earnings to increase your daily income!
Positions mature after 75 days having paid you $15(150%) back.
Every 4 positions that mature, you get 1 position in JSS, this pays you a further $60 when it cycles.
2 Levels of referral commissions if you do refer, 10% and 5%.  (up to $500 1st level – $250 2nd level per day)
Payouts daily. All paid within 36 hours of request.
JUST $10 PER POSITION – Up to 500 positions per day allowed.

The key is to build your jss tripler positions up and then use a minimum 67% reinvestment rule, this means you buy the same amount of jss tripler positions daily AND can withdraw the same amount as your daily earnings too.

The 67% reinvestment rule keeps that sum steady throughout. By doing this not only are you withdrawing daily you also generate free jss positons daily. This forces your current JSS positions to cycle regular and generate the extra $60 payments.

I am building my daily 2% income to a stage where I reinvest 75% per day and 25% gets transfered to my bank account. I not only create a good income I’m making it grow.

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